We have 3 horses, 2 senior horses and a 15 year old.  The oldest mare, a Polish Arabian, from Cre Run Farm, Las Jennifer (or Jen)  passed away peacefully on March 15, 2015.  She would have been 31 on April 12th.  She was my first horse and will be greatly missed!

Kenzie is the newest member of our small herd and was a rescue from the USERL, Richmond, VA  chapter – she is a 20 something Thoroughbred, 16.1 h chestnut.  The youngest member is Gigi (Genuine Pleasure) and she  is a Polish Arabian bay mare and stands 14.3 h.

Kenzie – Rescue Thoroughbred   Kenzie_81114 Gigi – Polish Arabian                              Gigi_162015_528x800                                
Las Jennifer – Jen, Polish Arabian
In honor of Jen, Farewell my Friend RIP
April 12, 1984 to March 15, 2015JenatSFF2002