First Snow of 2015

A lovely, light powdery snow fell this morning, the first snow of the new year.  Had to fill up the bird feeders fast because we had so many visitors.  A beautiful red Cardinal also wanted in on some of the black oil sunflower seeds in the yellow bird feeder.  We have numerous bird feeders hanging around the gazebo.  I love to look out my windows and see all the birds in the trees and on the feeders.  But, those little “birdies” can eat us out of house and home!  They can polish off 5 full bird feeders in a day Continue Reading →

Sweet Holiday Gifts

Give your family and friends a sweet treat this holiday season.  Our pure, local honey comes packaged in lovely Christmas boxes.  Choose from our specialty vintage glass  “Muth” jars, Hex jars or our Classic Queen Line jars in glass or plastic.  Our three honey bears also are a big favorite for gift giving.  Specialty teas and spiced pecans can be added to our gift sets to make wonderful business appreciation gifts for your clients too.  Click here for our latest Holiday brochure      

Farewell to Autumn

Looks like this will be the last nice day, 59 degrees before winter weather hits our northern Virginia area tonight.  Cold weather means we have winterized our bee hives and placed the chickens into their winter coops with outdoor covered runs. Plugging in heated water buckets, and creating wind breaks are just some of the annual “winterizing” chores  It’s a busy time of year for us but the prep work making sure our livestock are taken care of makes winter farm management much easier.  I am posting a few photos of early fall so we can look back and remember Continue Reading →

Traveling Bee Hives

Last Wednesday, 9/10/14, I traveled down to the Richmond area to deliver two bee hives to my sister.  The hives were securely strapped to our trailer and a mosquito net was draped around the hives to prevent any strays from wandering off.   I got alot of strange looks when driving down to Louisa, Virginia.  I guess it was odd to see someone hauling a couple of bee hives in an open trailer, that’s something you don’t see everyday.  The bees made the trip and were successfully setup in their new location and set “free” the next day. We used very Continue Reading →