The Little Things

The first snow of the season was a light, powdery mix that covered the ground about 3.5 – 4 inches today.  As I was doing barn chores I stopped to look at the simple beauty around me.  You know the quietness and muffled silence that seems to follow a snowfall.  It’s like for a moment, time stands still and you drink-in nature and notice the little details of life.  I realize at these moments how truly blessed I am. Everything I am and have is the gift of God!

The horses were almost finished eating their grain and Gigi, my 14 year old Polish Arabian mare- who is always the first to finish; came up to the fence to check out what I was doing.  She’s such a sweet girl!  I snapped a quick shot of her before she turned her head and was off searching for the hay I had just put out.

After I finished all my chores I turned on the news and found out that Loudoun County and VDOT were  not as prepared as they should have been; and many roads were not adequatly plowed or salted.  This caused huge delays, numerous accidents and long commutes to work and school this morning.  The schools should have at least been delayed 2 hours but all counties were open on time.