Bees – What’s the Buzz

Welcome to our Apiary!

100% Pure, Raw Honey now for sale!

Our bees were hard at work in 2014 and produced an abundance of raw, golden delicious honey.  We pulled our honey supers in July and “cold-extracted”  – (which means we extracted the honey at room temperature and did NOT use heat of any kind).  We gently strain the honey with coarse then medium sieves and finally bottle it.  This method of extraction retains all the natural pollen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in RAW honey.

Unprocessed, Raw, Local honey has so many amazing health benefits that if we included it more often in our daily diets it would improve our overall health and well being.  Click here to learn more about health benefits of honey.

We started to sell our honey in late summer and continued into the winter with Christmas Holiday gifts sets of honey paired with premium Harney & Sons Tea.  After a successful previous season, we will continue to offer honey and tea for sale this year in 2015.  Look for our Mother’s Day gift brochure.  It’s sure to have a lot of “SWEET” ideas and gift sets.

As of now, we do not do online honey and tea sales but take and fill  local orders only.  However, we are working on an online shop that should be set up by early Spring.  Please download our brochure for current prices.


Visit our new online store to order our honey and related products.


 Honey Bears –  24 oz., 12 oz., 2 oz.    
Mini Bears –  2 oz.    
Vintage Muth Jars –  1 lb., 8 oz.
Vintage Muth Jars    
 Queenline Jars –
Glass: 2 lb., 1 lb., 8 oz.
Plastic: 24 oz., 1 lb.
 Hex Jars –  5.5 oz.