We raise “Pastured Poultry” mainly for eggs not meat.  That means the chickens are allowed to forage on fresh pasture and dine on grasses and feast on insects daily during the warm months.  By putting our chickens out on pasture in portable chicken tractors (hoop houses) they are safe from the many predators we have such as foxes and hawks. Then we bring our chickens  into their more permanent coops for the cold winter months.  We  practice natural farming without the use of harmful chemicals and persticides.

We currently have 35 laying  hens and 3 roosters in our mixed flock of poultry. Our chicken  breeds include:  Plymouth Barred Rocks, Buckeye, Black Jersey Giants, Rhode Island Red, Dixie Rainbow, Americauna (they lay blue or greenish colored eggs), and Buff Orpington.  They are cold and heat “hardy” and lay medium to extra-large brown eggs; except for the Americauna chickens which lay blue or greenish eggs.  We decided to raise a mixed flock to start out so we could see how they did throughout the seasons.  So now after 4 years of keeping a small “backyard” flock we have somewhat of an idea what breed works for us and our clientele.

 20140612_101653  20140612_101734
  Goliath and his girls  OJ and his girls
20141112_111742 20140820_094549
OJ and David “greeting” each other The Chicken Tractors in the field
20140621_100321 20140621_100255
Portable Chicken Tractors (Hoop House) A couple “test” chickens