The Horse Rescue Project

Update: October 2017, Cheyenne our rescue horse was re-homed to a wonderful family in Roundhill, Virginia.  She was also renamed to Ellie because one of her white markings resembled and “elephant”.  We wish Ellie/Cheyenne and her new owners all the best and a happy, long equine life!

In June 2014 we rescued 4 equines, a Jack stud donkey and 3 horses, (2 mares and a filly) from a very irresponsible owner . They didn’t have adequate water, food or shelter. So I stepped in before it was too late to save them from inevitable starvation and death. Fortunately, we noticed that the stream had almost run dry in the field that 3 of the horses were staying in so we quickly provided fresh water and hay. We also slowly introduced grain into their diets.

A small, very cute filly whom we named Cassiopeia or “Cassie” was staying in another field with 2 goats. She looked so small and in great need of TLC. She started to perk up with fresh hay, grain and clean water.

It’s amazing that just by providing   clean water and hay [the basics] – how neglected animals can make such a dramatic turn-around. Their eyes and coats became bright and shiny , their attitudes changed from sour and depressed to cheerful willingness. It’s like they knew they were rescued and were grateful.

So as the animals started to improve we were faced with the daunting task of finding new loving homes for them. It wasn’t going to be easy so we prayed for miracles. I met a wonderful lady, who owns Mammoth Jack Donkeys – and asked her help in finding a new home for “Jack” the stud donkey. One big blessing was how sweet and gentle he was even though he was a stud or “intact” male. Some one had to have worked with him when he was young because he was so easy to be around. The good news is that after only 6 weeks we found a kind lady who wanted both the little filly and Jack the donkey. What a blessing to find them a loving home so quickly!

The other two mares in the field with the Jack were most likely pregnant so finding new homes proved to be more difficult. Good news is that 1 of the mares, Andromeda the beautiful bay has been adopted by someone on February 13, 2015.   The other horse, Cheyenne,  the black and white paint mare will come to my place until we find her a new adoptive owner and forever home.

As of now we are trying to find sponsors who would be willing to donate funds to help defray the costs of basic feed and vet care for the paint mare .

So the story of the 2014 rescues has a wonderful ending. We thank God for answering our prayers and for the kindness and love of the their new owners.

Many thanks to my sister, Dana, Bob, Mary and to Audrey Caudle, of Donkey Meadows. They all worked so hard and gave their personal time, and attention in helping care for and find new homes for Jack, Cassie, and Andromeda. You are a blessing!!


 Jack the Donkey – new name “Rusty”20140623_183700


 Cassiopea – “Cassie”, the Filly2014-07-18 08.19.57
  Andromeda – The Bay Mare2014-07-18 10.56.30   Cheyenne – The Paint Mare20140623_183633